No Boundaries - WalkFIT & Beginner Runner

Summer / Fall Learn-to-Run & WalkFIT

Train to run or walk you first 5K or 10K event
in just 11 weeks!!!

The training program to get moving!  Levels for every ability



Train to run or walk Pittsburgh's Great Race 5 or 10K


No Boundaries 5K Training Program at Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh

One step at a time, steadfast, No Boundaries programs are the safe, fun and social way to develop a running or fitness routine.

At every level, No Boundaries provides supportive and trained coaches to help participants adopt a regular training routine to safely accomplish your fitness goals.  Each participant starts and develops at their individual pace and level of ability.  There is no one-size-fits-all workout; your workout plan will reflect your goal and ability, and you will tackle it together with a ton of other people.


WalkFIT @ Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


Find your inner athlete.  Our newest program addition, WalkFIT will start even the most tentative on the road to fitness.

Participants get a detailed training plan based on current ability and goals.  Learn how to gauge workout intensity (heart rate) to monitor your workouts to safely and steadily improve your cardiovascular system and ability to easily walk for exercise.   

A heart rate monitoring device is highly recommended for WalkFit participants to gauge workout intensity and track workout time and calories burned.  Garmin heart rate units will be offered at a discounted rate to participants at the program Kickoff Meeting 

Learn to Run 5K, 5K2, 10K

Fleet Feet Sports No Boundaries program has developed thousands of runners across the country through a proven walk/run methodology and fitness education.  Transition from zero to your first 5K or move along to your next milestone. 

A GPS tracking unit with heart rate monitoring is recommended for runners to gauge workout intensity and track workout distance, time and pace. Garmin GPS units will be offered at a discounted rate to participants at the program Kickoff meeting


Price:  $85



Saturday, July 11th, 9:00 am. PROGRAM KICK-OFF MEETING for registered participants.  Meet your training buddies and coaches & pick up your training plan and program packet.  Informational session with key breakout sessions.  This is not a group workout.

Saturday, July 18th, 7:30 am.   Weekly Saturday group training runs begin at Southside Riverfront Park.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 6:30 pm. Alternate weekyl Wednesday group workouts begin in the South Hills

Sunday, September 27th, Goal Event:  Pittsburgh's Great Race 5K or 10K.  Run Pittsburgh's most famous race. (registration for this event is separate)


No Boundaries @ Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


WalkFIT – all new!

  • Participants establish a baseline of walking ability and gradually build intensity. 
  • Participants receive a weekly training plan based on their goal.  Participants striving for weight loss will have 5 – 6 workouts a week.  Participants working to maintain weight, or build fitness will have 4-5 workouts each week. 
  • All levels of WalkFIT work toward moving up one level of intensity on the walking spectrum within the 11-week program.  Progress will be monitored by heart rate.


  • No experience necessary.  
  • Run/walk interval training program for beginners.  
  • Participants will have 4 workouts per week. Start running while learning the elements of safe and smart training.


  • Perfect for those who have recently completed their first 5K and want to improve, or aren't ready for longer distances, yet.  
  • Participants will have 4 workouts per week.
  • Program builds 5K confidence and improves speed.


  • Trains runners ready to tackle their first 10K.  
  • Participants have 4 workouts per week.
  • For runners who currently can run 3 miles and are ready to go farther.



  • A complete 11-week training program with detailed workouts
  • 2 coached group walk/run training sessions per week:  Saturday mornings in the Southside at Riverfront Park, and Wednesday evenings in the South Hills.
  • Supportive and encouraging coaches, certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Dedicated support from mentors who began running with No Boundaries - Just like you!
  • Instant fitness friends and social events
  • Educational clinics on stretching, injury prevention, nutrition, and more
  • Weekly motivational and educational e-mail from the coach on training and program updates
  • Exclusive discounted shopping night
  • New Balance Technical T-shirt
  • A bonus week evening Montour Trail run in the South Hills, (date TBD), followed by a half-way party!



No Boundaries is a program for beginner walkers or runners and people returning to running. This program uses a proven walk/run approach to help you gradually build your fitness in a safe and encouraging environment culminating in the successful completion of a 5K (3.1 mile) or 10K (6.2 mile) event or adoption of a walking program in a support of a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, no one runs alone, and no one is last.



"It's hard to believe my journey from No Boundaries last summer to where I'm at now both physically and mentally". - Colin S.

"In 2012 I was introduced to No Boundaries… I may not of been a fast runner but I was out there doing it, and I was amazing myself each time I went out and saw a new goal reached. My endurance is much stronger all thanks to No Boundaries giving me that first push". - Jackie M


Sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance.  

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