POSE Method Clinic

with Matt McCusker

Saturday, June 16 | 12-1 PM

The Pose Method of Running technique consists of three elements: Pose – Fall – Pull and it accepts gravity as the primary force for forward movement instead of muscular effort. To achieve the optimum running technique, the key is to make the greatest possible use of terrestrial gravity. A skilled, knowledgeable runner should be able to work with the force of gravity just as a yachtsman gains energy from the wind.



 Matt McCusker, Certified POSE Instructor: "I have a Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education and also coach CrossFit at CrossFit City of Bridges.  I was once a broken runner who was tired of running with pain and I found POSE to be what worked best for me.  The POSE method has allowed me to check off many items on my bucket list.  Things like the Boston Marathon, Spartan Ultra Beast (Killington), JFK 50 miler, and competing for the USARA 24 HR National Championship to name a few would have never been possible for me without POSE.  If you have a bucket list item or just want to run without pain, I would love to help you reach your goals." 

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