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Whether you’re in heavy work boots or lightweight shoes, if you’re on your feet all day you need the support necessary to ensure proper alignment and stability. Fleet Feet Sports offers a variety of products to help reduce foot fatigue and reduce foot, back, and leg pain.


At Fleet Feet Sports, we believe a good shoe and the right FIT make all the difference in your walking, running, and every day activities. We offer a wide selection of brands, sizes, and widths to fit all types of feet and meet all kinds of wants and needs. Our exclusive FIT Process ensures you will receive unparalleled personalized service to give you the right FIT for every facet of your active lifestyle.

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Choosing a sock that works for your feet and your activity level is a critical component of Fleet Feet Sports' FITLOSOPHY. Consider the fact that your sock is theSocks layer of material that sits directly next to your skin and is intended to comfort and protect your feet. So why not pick a pair that fits best?

At Fleet Feet Sports we recommend that you wear a non-cotton, breathable sock for running, walking or other fitness activities. Here are our top 5 reasons why we make this recommendation:

1) At rest, the average foot releases a cup of sweat each day.

2) On a 5-mile run, your feet produce enough sweat to fill an 8-ounce cup.

3) 55% of foot perspiration evaporates through the shoe's upper. The other 45% is absorbed in the sock and footbed of your shoe.

4) Two trillion bacteria live on your feet (that's 12% of all bacteria on the human body)!

5) The naked foot temperature is 94 degrees. The non-active foot in a shoe has a temperature of 105-125 degrees. This temperature increases with activity level.

Brands of socks sold at Fleet Feet.Brands of socks sold at Fleet Feet.Brands of socks sold at Fleet Feet.


The health of your feet has a dramatic impact on the health of your body. Many people don't realize that instability in the foot can lead to the painful skeletal alignment issues. Insoles help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by an unsupported foot during everyday activities, sports and work.

A better fit helps alleviate plantar fasciitis pain and helps reduce pronation, blisters, bunions and 'hot spots' caused from excess friction. When your foot is properly supported and aligned, stress on the muscles and ligaments is reduced. Read more...

If you need or prefer it, the Fleet Feet staff will help you choose the best-fitting insole for your body and feet. We custom trim each insole to perfectly fit your shoe, significantly improving your gait.

Ideal biomechanical alignment means your foot can move easily through its full, healthy range of motion, lowering the risk of fatigue and injury. With a firm foundation to hold your body's infrastructure in place, the sensation of comfort is greatly improved.

Insoles Provide:

  • Improved shock absorption
  • Increased fit, comfort and performance
  • Reduced pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs
  • More efficient stride
  • Improved posture and balance

Brands of insoles sold at Fleet Feet.

Brands of insoles sold at Fleet Feet.

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