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Not all Running Apparel is Created Equal

Just as there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing;running apparel has become so much more than just the season’s hottest fashions. Today’s technical fabrics and garments are designed for today’s athletes and offer a fit for every “body” and condition.

What are Technical Features and Fabrics?

  • Technical garments transfer, rather than absorb, sweat.  Worn next to your skin - whether a top, sports bra, shorts, tights, or underwear - technical fabrics wick, or pull, moisture away from your body, helping you stay drier and more comfortable on the run.
  • Created from synthetic or premium natural fibers, technical fabrics are lightweight and non-abrasive and should be what is closest to your skin during exercise.
  • Features found in better technical apparel include flat-lock seams, vents, elasticity, and covered zippers to eliminate chafing or body irritation and allow for full range of motion. 
  • Specialized features including pockets, reflectivity and weather-proofed media storage keep you and your personal items safe.
  • Elemental protection repels wind, moisture and sun, while breathability dissipates heat and antimicrobial capabilities will keep you fresh.
  • Technical apparel dries fast and is less bulky than cotton, attributes that can make a tremendous difference in how you feel so you can maximize your workout.

Technical Fabrics in Extreme Weather

  • Cotton shirts collect moisture and sweat resulting in a heavy/wet material. This combination causes you to become cold in lower temperatures and quick to overheat in warmer temperatures.
  • Warm weather technical garments can be incorporated into cold-weather layering.  The point of technical garments in the cold is to maintain warmth from heat created by a moving body without overheating or becoming restricted. 
  • Staying dryer increases performance in warmer temperatures and is essential in cold weather conditions and why additional layers must also be “wicking”.
  • Layering technical fabrics will keep you warm in extreme conditions by trapping air between fabric layers while allowing moisture to evaporate.
  • Technical jackets (the outermost layer) protect you from the elements by providing warmth, breathability, reflective elements, and are coated in DWR to keep you dry in the case of rain, wind, and snow.

The Bare Necessities

  • Cotton underwear/boxers and sports bras will become wet and heavy when combined with moisture and may lead to discomfort and chaffing. Running shorts are lined with a brief or compression short made of technical fabric designed to dry quickly and pull moisture away from your skin. Technical running underwear is also available if you are partial to an added layer of protection.  For more information on technical sports bras, please see our Sports Bra section below.
  • Many people experience thigh chaffing when running/walking in cotton shorts. Compression shorts (which can be worn by themselves or under loosely fit shorts) provide the protection needed between thighs to avoid uncomfortable chaffing. Men and women alike experience this. Body Glide is a lubricated product that will protect any (and we mean ANY) part of the body that may experience chaffing.

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Sports BrasSports Bras

Why is it so important to have a properly fitted sports bra?  

First and foremost, you want to be comfortable.

Did you know?

  • 80% of women wear the wrong bra size
  • 56% experience pain while working out
  • Women should be fit for a bra at least once a year
  • The average life span of a sports bra is 6-12 months
  • Not all bras are created equal
  • A woman should be re-measured for a sports bra after major weight gain/loss or pregnancy

Benefits of a Great Sports Bra
A good sports bra will be made of synthetic, moisture wicking fabric.  You may have cotton bras that fit and feel great for day to day wear, but they will not feel good to exercise in.  Cotton does not wick moisture like synthetic materials.  Thus, it holds wetness against your skin and is likely to cause uncomfortable rubbing.  Chances are that your day to day bras are not going to be supportive enough to exercise in either.  They are not built to withstand the motions of running.  Nobody wants to be out on their favorite loop only to be sidetracked by the uncomfortable bouncing of their breasts.  It doesn’t feel good, and it can make us self-conscious. 

There is also irreparable damage that can be done by running without a properly supported bra.  Have you ever heard of Cooper’s Ligament?  Most of us probably have not.  The fact is that this fibrous tissue connects the fatty tissue of the breast to the chest wall.  It is the only internal structure of the breast.  When breasts are improperly supported, they will not only bounce uncomfortably, but they can also sustain permanent damage to the Cooper’s Ligament.  Lastly, Moving Comfort’s studies show that 8 out of 10 women are in the wrong size bra.  Are you? 

Types of Sports Bras
We carry sports bras from Moving Comfort and ENELL.  The most basic sports bras will offer compression alone.  These, for the most part, will hold everything in place for the A/B cup size.  The higher end bras will offer compression and encapsulation.    The encapsulation will provide some additional support, but it also makes for a more flattering fit.  These higher end bras may also incorporate under wires and additional structure that is going to provide support for the larger cup sizes.  Whatever your needs may be, we are confident that our expert staff can find the perfect bra for your fitness needs.   

Moving Comfort Takes a Head and Heart Approach to Bra Design

ENELL is Committed to Stopping the Bounce for Well-Endowed Women

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