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At Fleet Feet Pittsburgh we offer a wide and top-of-the-line variety of accessories to satisfy your fitness needs and to enhance your fitness experience. From water bottles, water belts, novelty items, sunglasses, recovery products and much more, we have the items and the trained staff to help you choose the best accessories for your purposes.

KT TapeBody GlideBuff - The Original Multifunctional HeadwearBIC BandsNathan Human Propulsion LaboratoriesThe Strassburg Sock Night SplintHeadSweatsFoot RubzAddadayNipGuardsYurBudsIcy FeetWaterproof Seat Shield

YakTraxSofSoleBay Sixdr. coolFlip BeltManzella - The Glove CompanyPerform - Pain Relieving GelPro-Tec AthleticsScott James JewelrySweat X SportTrigger Point Performance TherapyUnder Armour






Compression Products

We carry several compression items including tights, shirts, and socks. These are excellent for training, racing, and recovering and significantly help:

  • Reduce fatigue and enhance muscle stability
  • Improve circulation
  • Recover faster
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of movement
Brands of compression products sold at Fleet Feet. Brands of compression products sold at Fleet Feet.


Here at Fleet Feet Pittsburgh, we offer a variety of technological devices to keep you training at the best of your ability. From Polar Heart Rate Monitors to Garmin GPS enabled trainers, we have the perfect training device to help you meet your goal, and train more efficiently.

 Brands of gadgets sold at Fleet Feet.Brands of gadgets sold at Fleet Feet.

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