What to Wear: Early Spring Runs and Walks

Now that we are into late winter/early spring, deciding what to wear on your runs or walks can be challenging.

Temperatures can change quite a bit from day to day, and factors like sun, rain, wind, and snow make a big difference in how warm (or cold) it actually feels.

Chances are, if you step outside and feel cold, your instinct will be to put on more clothes. But, your body is a natural furnace, and once you start burning calories, you will warm up. 

When you are dressing to go out for a run, or brisk walk, you need to plan as if it is warmer outside than it initially feels. But how do you decide just how much warmer?

As a general rule of thumb, you should dress as if it is 15-20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. So, following this logic, even a 40 degree day is going to feel warm. If you were outside in 55-60 degrees, would you really want to be wearing heavy winter gear? Probably not.

Having a few key transitional pieces in your wardrobe will allow you to protect yourself from the elements and stay warm, without overheating.

Here are a few of our favorites!


1.) Brooks Seamless short sleeve top 2.) Brooks LSD Jacket  3.) Saucony Evolver Hoodie

4.) Brooks Greenlight Reversible tight 5.) Nike Epic Lux Capri

6.) Nike Speed Tight

1.) Brooks LSD Jacket 2.) Saucony Evolver Hoodie 3.) Adidas Seamless long sleeve 4.) Nike 2-in-1 tight

5.) Brooks Sherpa Short 6.) Adidas Supernova Quarter Zip 

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