2017 Winter Training Volunteer Opportunities



 Pace Leader (PL)


 This position has changed from previous years.  Pace Leaders (PLs) will replace Pace Group Leaders (PGLs).  To be considered as a PL, you must have previously participated in a Fleet Feet training program.

The main responsibility of a PL is to maintain a steady overall pace at each Sunday group run.  Your overall moving pace does not take into account the need to slow down at water stops, intersections or other factors. We will have PLs at :30 sec run increments and walk/run interval PL’s to ensure even coverage for Relay, Half and Full groups. For example, a 1o minute mile PL may fall between 9:30 to 10:30 throughout their run. 

PLs will also help electronically scan participants into Fitvil at the Sunday runs and should arrive by 7 am.  During the group workout, PL’s will not be responsible for keeping track of runners or signing participants out at the end of the run.  Participants will join whatever pace suits them on a particular week.

We are looking for volunteers who will be strong at their assigned pace, engage participants who choose to run with them, and be a positive and enthusiastic contact for all participants. It is recommended that PLs pick a pace that can be easily managed (at least 60 seconds slower than planned race pace).  This is what we recommend for the entire training group as the optimal long-run training pace.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Attend Coaches meeting at 7:00 am on Sunday mornings for announcements and course instruction.
  • Carry a cell phone with coach contacts loaded on every group run in case of emergency. 
  • Call 911 if a runner is injured and unable to walk back to start. We expect runners who can’t keep up to drop back a pace group or carry on alone.
  • Participate and provide positive support on the Training Group facebook pages.
  • Participate in the pre-run dynamic stretching drills.
  • Not miss more than 2 scheduled runs.

Set up / Sign in

  • Arrive by 7:00 am to unload and set up materials to include: tables, flag, water coolers, etc.
  • Scan in participants.
  • Not miss more than 2 scheduled runs.

Purchase / Deliver recovery food

  • Purchase recovery food weekly (bananas & chocolate milk), return receipts to Karen, and set up the food for runners every Sunday morning. 
  • In your absence, arrange for this to be done and notify lead coach.  Reimbursements will be processed monthly.

Water Stop Team

  • Coordinate the drop off and pick up of up to three water stops each Sunday (typically there will be two). 
  • Coordinate within the group to manage absences.  
  • Also responsible for monitoring supplies, and picking up as needed from Fleet Feet Sports.  FFS is the distribution point and materials must be dropped back to the store or swapped between group members after each run.
  • Read weekly emails for directions on where to drop the stops.
  • One water stop volunteer is needed to manage the schedule.  Please indicate if you are interested.

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