Timothy Lyman

Timothy Lyman is a health and wellness professional specializing in program development and management. He is a competitive distance runner, coach and certified personal trainer. With over a decade of experience in the field, his education and interests range from holistic practices to sports nutrition and exercise physiology. He has coached both recreational and competitive individuals, in addition to men’s and women’s cross-country teams at the high school and collegiate levels. His training focuses include running economy, injury-prevention and functional/integrative fitness. He holds an MBA and B.A. from Point Park University, and certifications from the American Council on Exercise, USATF and ASEP.

"A healthy lifestyle must embrace mind, body and spirit. As a coach and student of the discipline, I strive to cultivate a mindset of growth and nurture a process of self-actualization. The lessons running teaches us are applicable in all aspects of life, and I take great joy in creating environments that are positive, productive and process-oriented."

Tim can be reached at training@fleetfeetpittsburgh.com.

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