Lace Up, Gear Up, Buddy Up

You’ve registered, gotten your confirmation email and are pumped for the Great Race! Now what? There is a lot that needs to happen over the span of the next three months, and it might feel very overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. I’m here to help you put a plan in place that will not only prepare you for the event, but make sure you enjoy yourself along the way. I’m here to help you create sustainable practices that will stick around in the long run, and ensure that you have a, ahem... “great race” in September.

There are three things you’ll want to do right away. Lace up, gear up and buddy up. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Getting yourself a good pair of shoes is the best up-front investment you can make. If this is your first 5K or your 100th 10K, high-quality, custom-fit footwear will go a long way. With 12 weeks of training ahead of you, those beat up tennis shoes you scored from a discount rack two years ago just aren’t going to cut it. Shameless plug...Fleet Feet has you covered. We’ll do a visual inspection, a gait analysis and scan your foot using 3D technology. The reps will also talk to you about your training and racing goals, in order to get you into the perfect pair of kicks.

Gear up. It’s hot, and you should be carrying water with you on your training runs. Nathan products do a great job of keeping you hydrated while seamlessly integrating onto your body. Trust me, it doesn’t feel like you’ve strapped a water cooler to your back. Moisture-wicking apparel (especially headgear) is going to be essential this time of year. You won’t want to be carrying around all that extra water weight once it’s left your system. If you only get a chance to run when it’s dark outside, you should also get a little light or two that goes blinky-blink-blink so motorists (instead of people watching the morning news) will see you.

Last but not not least, find a buddy or two. Or five. Or fifty. We are social creatures who have survived this far by grouping into tribes. To create lasting, sustainable fitness practices you’ll enjoy much greater success in a group. There are plenty of incredible running groups around Pittsburgh, like the Fleet Feet Running Club, that offer plans, programs and mentorship for runners of all ability levels.

There’s your homework for the week. Getting a head start on the basics will put you in a good place for a successful training season, and ensure a fun, positive experience. It’s like finding the corner pieces of a jigsaw puzzle first, the rest gets easier from there. Come back next week to talk training, and learn why consistency is key!

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