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The Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador Racing Team was created with a specific purpose: to support and enhance what we do at Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh and our activity in our community. They achieve this by participating in many local races and events throughout the year, volunteering at just as many, and even working with our training program participants to help encourage, educate, and inspire runners and walkers on every level. 


When Kelsey first started running, it was for weight loss. Running was a means to an end - a painful, awful, dreaded means to an end. But that all changed once she completed her couch to 5k training program and participated in a relay team for the 2016 Pittsburgh Marathon. Running among the half and full marathoners was inspiring and life-changing - Kelsey decided she wanted to be one of those people, and thus became a runner.

Kelsey loves being an advocate for running, even to people who think they could never do it - because that's what she used to think! Yes, running is hard - but we can do hard things. And doing hard things changes your life! Sharing her love for running and the impact is has had on her life is Kelsey's primary reason for becoming a Fleet Feet ambassador.

Kelsey has run two half marathons, one full marathon, and numerous other local races. She is currently training for her second full marathon in Chicago, her hometown.

When she's not running, Kelsey serves as a Development Manager of Distinguished Events for the American Cancer Society. Kelsey and her husband, Trey, live in Mt. Washington with their two dogs, Izzy and Tucker.



The only thing Jon enjoys more than running or talking is talking about running. He has lots to say about how being part of the local running community helped him love Pittsburgh when he moved here in June of 2014. The friendships made from the Fleet Feet group and training runs are the main reason he is an ambassador.

Jon has run the past two Pittsburgh Marathons and countless other Half Marathons, 5k and 10k's as well as the Liberty Mile. His favorite race is the local EQT 10 miler, "it's the perfect mixture for me of distance and speed!"

The biggest thing Jon gets out of running is helping other achieve their goals. Helping someone run their first 5k or Marathon is the best feeling whether you are an experienced runner or not. He has helped encourage others and realize their goals since being involved with the running community and it is his biggest reward.

By day, he the Vice President of Sales for a scrap metal brokerage firm. He also enjoys yoga, craft beer, his cats and walking around the city where he lives with his wife, Jody.



I first got involved with running in 2013 when I signed up to run my first half marathon, since then I’ve finished several road races ranging from 5k to a full marathon. My favorite distance is the half marathon because I like the challenge of the distance but it’s not as overwhelming as 26.2.

My hope with being a Fleet Feet ambassador is to become more active in the local running community by helping individuals who are just starting out and need some guidance, motivation, and encouragement.

In real life, I’m a service dispatcher for an HVAC company. When I’m not running you can find me at PNC Park catching a ball game with my dad, walking my pup, or enjoying dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant.



Rachelle is relatively new to Fleet Feet family, but not to running. Rachelle joined the 2017 Fleet Feet Winter Training program and recently completed her first half marathon.  It was such a positive experience that she asked to become an ambassador so that she could pay it forward.

Rachelle has run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, North Park’s Just a Short Run, Martha’s Run and countless 5k’s (which she runs with her kids).  She is looking forward to running the Great Race in September, the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon in October and the EQT 10 Miler in November.

Rachelle’s loves to encourage others to set and achieve goals one step at a time. 

Rachelle is happily married to her college sweet heart with whom she shares four teenage sons.  It’s because of those four boys that works as commercial real estate manager (feeding and educating four boys is expensive) and teaches CCD. 

Rachelle is looking forward to sharing her passion for running with you. 


Angela is a 2nd grade teacher and mother of 3 teenagers.  She and her husband Duane have mentored Fleet Feet's No Boundaries program several times and their daughter has participated in the cross country camp.

When Angela turned 40 she decided she wanted to do something for herself and she joined Fleet Feet's No Boundaries program.  That year she ran her 1st 5k. She then ran a 10k & became a mentor for the program.  She ran the EQT 10 miler and realized the next step was 1/2 marathon.  She has since run four 1/2 marathons and recently completed the Pittsburgh Full marathon. 

Being a part of Fleet Feet has given her the opportunity to meet other runners with similar goals.  "I never would've trained for a marathon myself, but with the group runs, accountability and friendships I looked forwarded to the workouts--& with their support and encouragement---I ran a FULL marathon!"



Vaughn started running near the end of 2015 at the age of 43. After years of struggling with his weight and numerous attempts at ‘getting healthy’, the turning point came in the form of a yearly check-up and poor results on his cholesterol tests. He was given two options, accept a prescription for statins or make a life change: add in cardio workouts and improve your diet.

6 months later, after completing his first Fleet Feet training program and Pittsburgh Half Marathon, every single measure of cholesterol had improved and none were in the danger zone any longer. “I was glad to know I don’t need to take more pills, I just need to keep running!”

He has run 2 Great Race 10K’s, the Lemieux 6.6K, the EQT 10 miler, various other 5K’s and recently completed his first full at the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon.

He is also heavily involved with the Arthritis Foundation, having been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over a decade ago. “Whether it’s cholesterol, arthritis or just general health, the best thing you can do for yourself is be active. I know how hard it can be to get started and I want to share my experiences and help others to gain the same results that I’ve seen!”


Danielle Sciulli is a wife to Tim Sciulli of 5 years and a proud mother to her two beautiful daughters Giulia (2) and Sofia (1).  She has been an avid runner since the age of twelve. She graduated from Robert Morris University in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration and was there on a soccer scholarship.

She has ran 6 of the Pittsburgh half marathons and has been a seeded runner in most of those years. Her goal is to finish a half marathon under 1:35 minutes and to one day run the Disney princess half marathon with her daughters! Danielle loves helping others reach their goals and is always encouraging them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it! 

Danielle is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She enjoys training her clients from her home and is also an Area Manager with a Health and Wellness company. She is extremely excited to be a part of the Fleet Feet Ambassador Team and looks forwards to the journey ahead!



Duane has been running with Fleet Feet for the past 4 years.  He has enjoyed mentoring the No Boundaries program and helping beginning runners. 

He is the Director of Orthopedic Services for Allegheny Health Network.  Through his position with AHN he works directly with numerous sports medicine physicians and AHN Sports performance programs.

He and his wife Angela enjoy running together.  They have completed 2 Disney 1/2 marathons together and several Pittsburgh races, including the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon 3 times.

He lives in the South Hills and has 3 teenagers. 


Rosemary seems to always be on the move. Originally from Nebraska, she came to Pittsburgh to earn an MFA in writing. She has traveled abroad and across the country, running races and routes in between.

One of the reasons she became an ambassador is to hear other people's stories and help them achieve their goals. "Everyone has a reason for stepping up to that starting line, but training can still feel overwhelming. We're able to offer support and advice to help motivate them."

Rosemary has ran multiple marathons and half-marathons, including the ones in Pittsburgh. The Great Race holds a special place in her heart since she ran it the day after her wedding. She also loves running Tough Mudder races.

 When she has to sit still, it's at her desk working for Aero Tech Designs, a cycling apparel company. She also likes to cook, knit, and read.

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