Coach's Highlight

Coach's Highlight

Another Pittsburgh Marathon is in the books!! It has been my privilege to be intimately involved with the Fleet Feet Running Club for another training season. I've seen countless personal successes, and have enjoyed watching you all mature as runners.

Running is analogous to life, because we are constantly learning, growing and becoming better versions of ourselves. Whether your season ended with a personal best time or a sub-par performance doesn't really matter. What matters is the shared experience with your tribe; what's important is the process. The past few months are just one short chapter in a very long story.

I would love to continue writing this story with you. I want to continue to "inspire and empower" you to be the best runner you can be, and remain your "resource for all things running." So celebrate your successes and reflect on your race. Learn from the experience and apply those lessons as we move forward...because there is still much to be done...

After a big race, I'm often asked..."so, what now?" Luckily, the answer is easy:

Take an off-season. This doesn't mean you need to stop running completely, but it does help to rekindle your relationship with running, learn to love the sport again and give your body a break at the same time. Our Big Run 5K is on June 5th...Global Running Day. I recommend taking it easy between today and June 5th, then using The Big Run 5K as a gauge of your fitness levels and a jumping-off point for the summer/fall seasons.

Work on your weaknesses. Maintain a lower-volume base of running, and work on some things that might have identified as "trouble spots" during the training season. Learn some drill-based form work with Skills & Drills 2.0, and learn the fundamentals of the sport with our Tools of the Trade workshops. Get linked up with a qualified fitness professional or physical therapist who can help you develop better balance, strength or mobility. Weaknesses are only weaknesses if you let them be.

Enjoy summer social time. Fleet Feet will be offering track workoutstrail runs, pub runs and a scavenger-hunt series over the summer months so you can log your miles and enjoy quality friend-time along the way.

Select a fall race. Whether you want to run this race competitively or not doesn't matter. What's important is that you give yourself motivation to get back into the groove after your off-season. Without a goal race on the calendar, it's easy to let your hard-earned fitness gains go right down the drain.

Create a plan. What went well this season? What didn't? What are your expectations for your fall race, and how can you ensure successfully achieving them? Fleet Feet is offering customized training plans designed around YOU! Let's start the conversation about where you are now, where you see yourself going and how we can help you get there...

Let's Go.

Coach Tim

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