The Perfect Gift: A Fleet Feet Gift Card

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite runner or walker?  We have exactly what you need: a gift card for Fleet Feet Pittsburgh.  Runners always appreciate shoes but between finding the right size and fit, they can be a difficult gift to purchase.  By choosing a Fleet Feet gift card, not only are you gifting a top of the line pair of shoes, but you’re giving the unique Fleet Feet experience as well.  Here are a few reasons why a Fleet Feet gift card is the way to go.

1. FIT Professionals

There are a lot of specialty running stores, but Fleet Feet Pittsburgh is one of the 10 Best Running Stores in America.  A large part of this prestigious title comes from our phenomenal FIT Professionals. 

Our fit professionals know what they’re talking about.  They undergo an extremely thorough training process so by the time they hit the sales floor alone, they know exactly how to find the perfect fit and shoe for everyone.  Fleet Feet isn’t about selling you the most expensive shoe on the floor.  We’re about selling the right shoe based on your foot and your needs.

 2. Variety

In addition to having eleven brands in a wide variety of sizes, we have shoes for every activity.  We have a variety of fits and styles for track, trail, walking, comfort, you name it.  On top of the shoes, we have several types of Superfeet insoles to ensure that everyone gets the support that they need.

3. fit id

Our fit id technology is unique to Fleet Feet and draws people from well beyond the Pittsburgh area.  Step on this incredible machine and receive a scan of your foot in seconds.  Why makes this scan so special?  Not only does it show your shoe size and width, but it also shows your arch, instep, and more.  Between fit id and our fabulous FIT professionals, we can quickly find a style that fits.  This means less time trying on shoes and a more pleasant experience.

 4. Experience

The person on the receiving end of this gift is most likely someone who you enjoy spending time with.  By giving the gift of a Fleet Feet gift card, you’re giving an experience.  Make your gift extra special by joining them.  This is the perfect excuse to get together after the holidays are over!


Giving a Fleet Feet Pittsburgh is easy!  Simply stop by the store or order online here.  We also have a wide variety of denominations and designs to choose from!

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