Amy Winters

Amy is a five-foot frame packed with energy, creativity and determination. Her philosophy of “accept no limits” makes her a trainer who is sure to help you push your boundaries and discover strengths that you never knew existed. As a coach and motivator, she enjoys grinding it out together and being a part of the process. Her greatest joy is seeing the confidence and self-esteem people discover in the process of achieving their goals.

In addition to being an avid runner (21 half-marathons and too many other shorter distance races to count!), Amy has also had the pleasure of working for a number of fitness facilities in Pittsburgh over the last 8 years, including the YMCA and Push 40 Fitness in Bridgeville, where she specializes in Interval Training. 

Amy brings a unique perspective to training because until about ten years ago, she wasn't “into” fitness. She didn’t grow up playing a sport, or even caring about one. She came to the fitness party a little later in life than most people, but when she arrived she fell in love with being fit, strong and how it made her feel. Now, she just hopes to help everyone else feel the same way!

Aside from her career in fitness, Amy is also the founder and principal of Accents by Amy Interior Design, a huge baseball fan, and lover of most all kinds of music. She holds national Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Certifications from AFFA/ NASM, as well as several other specialty certifications, including Les Mills BodyPump.

"If you believe in yourself, are consistent in your efforts, take it one step at a time and keep a positive mindset, you will discover there is nothing limiting your potential. When you accept no limits and believe you are capable of achieving anything, you discover that, in fact, you are!"

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