Relay Race and USA Apparel Competition


In honor of the super sweet Brooks Victory Collection, we're hosting a Relay Race at Fleet Feet Sports on July 1 at 6:30 pm. 

Think you're fast? Let's see! Sign up for the 1-mile relay race with three friends and put your speed to the test. The members of the winning team will each get a $25 gift card to Fleet Feet Sports!

If you're flying solo, let us know in the RSVP link and we can add you to a team the day of the race! 


We're also holding a red, white and blue contest. Whichever team is decked out in the most patriotic red, white and blue costumes will also win $25 gift cards to Fleet Feet Sports! So pull out any and all articles of clothing that scream "MERICA!" and get your teammates to do the same!

Tim Wu will be at the run with his delicious shaved ice, so after the relay you can cool down! 

We're excited to see you all there! Good luck to everyone! 

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