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Next Session: Saturday, November 12 @ 3 pm 

This clinic is ideal for people who would like to learn how to understand and use heart rate to monitor training effort.  Master heart rate data at a glance and take your training to a higher level!

What are Heart Rate Zones and what do beats per minute during a workout really tell me?

How can tracking heart rate help me achieve specific objectives like speed, endurance, or weight loss?

What is Heart Rate Reserve and why do athletes use this for training rather than Heart Rate Max?

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Next Session: Saturday, December 3 @ 3 pm

  • Learn the many features of your Garmin (wear it to the clinic)
  • Determine which Garmin Forerunner unit is perfect for you.
  • Navigate Garmin Connect using a smart phone
  • Personalize your Garmin with Apps, Widgits and watch faces.

This clinic is anyone for shopping for a Garmin watch or who already has one but has yet to fully explore training data and history using Garmin Connect with a smart phone.

Easily analyze and crunch run your data from any Garmin watch with automatic wireless uploads to your smart phone.  View snapshots of workout history, sleep and daily activity with colorful graph displays.

Learn to personalize latest generation Garmin watches with custom watch faces, apps and widgets from the Garmin IQ store and analyze personal daily activity and sleep data.  

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