Dash & Dish Series

Description: In today’s busy world, it has become difficult to find time to keep your kids eating healthy and staying active. Fleet Feet Sports is proud to partner with Giant Eagle and offer a new series that will help you overcome these time restraints and give you and your family a kick-start to health. Kids ages 5-12

Dash & Dish Series @ Fleet Feet Sports PittsburghThis 4-week series will include a combination of physical activity and food lessons. Each class is designed not only to educate you on incorporating physical activity into your family routines, but also ways you can incorporate healthy eating on the go. The final week of this class will fall during the week of Pittsburgh’s 20th Anniversary Jr. Great Race on September 19, 2015.

Cost: Buy all 4 sessions for $60 (per child and includes one parent) and receive 10% off a shoe purchase.

Individual sessions are $20/each (per child and includes one parent) and receive 10% off a shoe purchase.

Complimentary FIT with purchase of single OR 4-class package

Purchase all (4) classes and receive (1) FREE entry to the Dollar Bank 20th Anniversary Jr. Great Race on Saturday, September 19th. Supplies are limited so be sure to reserve your child's spot today!

When: Thursday evenings, starting August 27th from 6-7:30p.m. Other classes are September 3, 10 and 17

Class 1: Getting Started: Understanding and implementing the basics. This class will help you find the right shoes and gear, as well as how to establish a weekly running/walking plan for you and your family. Each parent/child will receive a complimentary fitting and tour of the store. Your Giant Eagle Registered Dietitian will break down the MyPlate guidelines into easy to understand segments, accompanied by a taste of each food group!

Class 2: Finding Time:  We will show you tips and tricks that you can fit into your busy schedules that ensure you are staying active throughout the year. Coach Jen will teach you easy drills and exercises that can be done in as little as just 10 minutes a day. Participants will receive printouts of the information so they can continue the work at home. Your Giant Eagle Registered Dietitians know your time is valuable! So it's time to dust off the crock pot, cook once and eat twice and balance you time in the kitchen with the nutrition your family needs!

Class 3: This is fun! What else can we do? Fleet Feet professionals will show you ways to do cross training activities with your family and provide ways to prevent injury as you become more and more active. Participants will be taken through a series of stretches and exercise that can be done together. Your Giant Eagle Registered Dietitians know that snacking is an important part of all athletes’ diets, and they have the tools you need to make your snack last throughout your workout!

Class 4: We want to keep going, how do we do this?! After getting four weeks under your belt, Fleet Feet will tell you everything you need to know about moving beyond the class. Each participant will be given a resource book that provides information on upcoming events, races and fitness facilities. Your Giant Eagle Registered Dietitians will be able to provide you with nutrition tips to make race day your personal best! Remember hydration is the key to all success, your dietitian has the tips you need to ensure you are not held back by your hydration status!

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