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Clinics and Seminars

CPR/AED Certification Courses

CPR/AED Certification @ Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh

Do you know how to respond if your friend, family member, or running partner is choking, stops breathing, or goes into cardiac arrest? It's worth the time to get the proper training and get certified!

Join Pittsburgh CPR and Fleet Feet of Pittsburgh for an outstanding opportunity to gain skills that may help you save a life!

August 10th:

August 22nd:

CPR/AED Certification @ Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


Saturday, August 15th @ 1pm.
This clinic is ideal for people who would like to learn how to understand and use heart rate to monitor training effort.
Master heart rate data at a glance and take your training to a higher level!
What are Heart Rate Zones and what do beats per minute during a workout really tell me?
How can tracking heart rate help me achieve specific objectives like speed, endurance, or weight loss?
What is Heart Rate Reserve and why do athletes use this for training rather than Heart Rate Max?

Heart Rate Training Clinic @ Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh

Good Form Running Clinic

Good Form Running Clinics at Fleet Feet Sports PittsburghJoin us here at the store for Good Form Running with Coach Karen!

Our next session is Saturday, August 29th @ 1pm. RSVP here.

Good for beginner runners and for any runners experiencing chronic injuries, complete with an iPad Recorded Gait Analysis!

New Balance has partnered with Good Form Running to help more people make running a less-painful, more enjoyable part of their lives. By reducing the strain that leads to injury, four steps work together to keep you on the road, helping you to run longer, faster, and more comfortably than ever before.