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Hip Impingement and IT band Syndrome: Running Related Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Saturday, May 30th - 11am

Dr. Jose Ramirez-Del Toro, MD and Dr. Bradley Cipriani, DPT will be discussing muscular imbalances and preventative strategies to reduce the risk of these common running related issues. The presentation will provide an overview of the disease process along with an organized approach to self treatment, emphasizing common strength and flexibility deficits. The regimen of activity will emphasize specific muscle function initially and progress to higher level balance and coordination activities specific to the demands of running, providing a sequence from basic to higher level to meet individual needs and specific activity level. 

Hip Impingement and IT band Syndrome: Running Related Causes, Treatment and PreventionDr. Bradley Cipriani has been practicing in the south hills area since 2009. His background includes specialized training in manual therapy, kettle bell training, kinesiotape, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. He is currently the clinic manager for Physical Therapy at the Orthopedic Group St. Clair and volunteers as an assistant high school wrestling coach at Mt. Lebanon High School

Dr. Jose Ramirez-Del Toro, MD has been a physician with The Orthopedic Group since 2008. He is Director of Sports Medicine at California University of Pennsylvania, as wells the Director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship in the department of PM&R at UPMC.

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