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Good Form Running Clinic

Good Form Running Clinics at Fleet Feet Sports PittsburghJoin us here at the store for Good Form Running with Coach Karen!

Our next clinic will be on Saturday, December 13th at 10:30am. Click here to reserve your spot!

Good for beginner runners and for any runners experiencing chronic injuries, complete with an iPad Recorded Gait Analysis!

New Balance has partnered with Good Form Running to help more people make running a less-painful, more enjoyable part of their lives. By reducing the strain that leads to injury, four steps work together to keep you on the road, helping you to run longer, faster, and more comfortably than ever before.


 While many runners train to hit a certain pace in an event, it would be nearly impossible to train at a steady, predictable pace at every workout. Factors including terrain, weather, wellness and stress all affect the heart rate an athlete brings to every training session. 

Monitoring heart rate during workouts allows runners to train at a targeted effort to prevent overtraining and allows differentiating weekly training sessions to achieve specific goals. 

Read below for targeted heart rates associated with training runs. 

Running Effort

%-age of Heart Rate Max



65 - 79%

Develop cardiovascular system

Marathon Pace

80 – 85%

Alternative, medium-to-easy pace.


85– 90%

Improve endurance


90– 95%

Develop VO2 Max, improve speed

Target an aerobic heart rate (zones 2 and 3, or 60 – 80% of your heart rate max) for most of your runs. Save higher zones for speed work and threshold runs. To learn how to effectively train with heart rate and determine your individual training zones, register for our in-store clinic on Saturday, January 24th at 3:00pm.