Better Form Running Workshop

Saturday, February 2 and Saturday, March 2
12 - 1PM
Fleet Feet Pittsburgh

Altra's Better Form Running Clinic is designed to help us run more efficiently in order to reduce injury. We can condense all the information into keeping a high chest, tight arms, and landing under a bent knee. These three components can help us to run more efficiently and reduce injury likelihood. Find out how to alter your stride mechanics to remain a healthy and happy runner!

Meet the Coach:

Evan Fortune: Field Service Representative for Altra Running - "I began running a little over 8 years ago and when I started, I was 70 lbs. heavier than I am now. I quickly got shin splints while running and began searching for ways to avoid getting them again! I found better form running (and ultimately Altra) in my search. In my clinic, called Better Form Running, I’ll address ways we can improve as runners to both improve form and mitigate pain.”

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