Chi Running Workshop

Saturday, January 5
12 - 1PM
Fleet Feet Pittsburgh

Since 1999, Chi Running has helped thousands of runners transform their technique - reducing, preventing and recovering from injuries. Runners of all ages and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find running to be pain-free, easier, and enjoyable. The main principles of ChiRunning include:

  • Relaxation
  • Correct alignment and posture
  • Landing with a midfoot strike
  • Using a "gravity-assisted" forward lean
  • Engaging core strength for propulsion
  • Connecting the mind and body to prevent injury

About the Coach:

Ken Presutti, is a coach and trainer based in Pittsburgh.

"I'm passionate about running, cycling, triathlon, and health. From classic training methods like periodization protocols, to the Maffetone Method, VDOT2 tables, ancestral training techniques and more, I love collaborating with my athletes to develop the program that's right for them. As a certified Senior ChiRunning Instructor, Running Coach, Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, and Health Coach, I place a major emphasis on skills and proper movement.

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