John M.

"A few months ago you fitted me for some great shoes and gave me some great training advice. All was successful. I completed the Niagara Falls Marathon on Sunday. Thanks for the shoes, socks, food, and good coaching. This was a lifelong goal!"

Jennifer H.

"I would like to thank everyone at Fleet Feet for the wonderful service and attention that I received at my recent visit to your store. The employee who assisted me was absolutely excellent! After analyzing my gait and recommending several brand/styles, she let me test out each pair for as long as I wanted. Her knowledge, tips, and suggestions were extremely helpful and useful, and I ended up with a new pair of running shoes that were perfect for me. I tested them as soon as I got home, and I felt 100% improved!

My experience at your store was one I will never forget, and I truly thank you all for your amazing service. I will be sure to return for all of my future purchases."

Amanda M.

"Products are top of the line but even more importantly the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about them. The staff treats you wonderfully whether you buy the cheapest or most expensive product...their ultimate goal is to get you fitted into the proper shoe."

Roderick Russell Visits Fleet Feet

"...No matter how you run or where you run, it’s worth stopping in to chat with them and get their expert advice regarding footwear selection. While I don't get to Pittsburgh often enough, I will always go out of my way to stop into this store and give them my business, and my appreciation for small, locally owned (even if franchised) running stores has skyrocketed." Read more...

Janet P.

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff in terms of your individual running goals. Also, you provide great help with running shoe selection. You also have a generous return policy if the shoes don't work out although I have never had to return anything I am happy to say! Although I only buy a few new running clothes each year, what I do purchase is bought at your store. I really like the unique selection."

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