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November 2014


November is upon us, tempatures have dropped and it appears that fall has already faded in to winter! Snow will soon be here to stay. Are you geared up for the Holiday Season? We are! And we're here to help make shopping easier!

FITnatic weekend is right around the corner (Nov. 28-30), and keep an eye out for our much coveted "Holiday Buying Guide".  We are ready to outfit you and the FITnatics you love. Even if your goal is simply to keep a trim winter waistline, we've got the yoga, lifestyle, walking, running and cross training gear to set you up for success! And all in our newly remodeled and expanded store.

We have some amazing events planned for November and December.  Please read below for all the details!


See you in the store, and on the roads.

Stay FIT,



Saturday, November 22nd


Hate Crowds?! Who doesn't?Stop in and "Boost" your morning before hitting the holiday shopping madness with Adidas's Boost your Weekend Energy Center, Free coffee and Bagels on Saturday November 22nd from 10am-3pm!


NOVEMBER 28th-30th


Stay tuned for details on all of the awesome happenings planned for the weekend. Get the latest information Here.

UGLY SWEATER RUN From the store Sunday, November 30th!

*LIMITED Edition Long Sleeve* 

On Sale Black Friday, November 28th!


Run Happy in this limited 'run' (excuse the pun) Ugly Sweater long sleeve from Brooks. This shirt hits shelves Black Friday November 28th at 9am! Get yours before they're gone for the season!

Fall into Cold Weather Running
Part 3: The Outer-Layer

This time around, we will discuss the Outer Layer and its purpose.  The key to staying warm in cold temperatures is a three part layering system.  In past editions of the newsletter, we discussed the importance of a good Base Layer (moisture management), and the function of a thermal Mid-Layer (warmth).  The third layer is the Outer Layer.


The purpose of this layer is to protect you against the elements -wind, rain, sleet, and snow.  In addition, the Outer Layer should allow heat and moisture to escape to prevent both overheating and chilling. A jacket with a zipper allows you to regulate your temperature by zipping it up and down. Other features to look for in a good Outer Layer is a removable hood (or one that tucks away) for additional protection from the elements, reflectivity (so that you are visible during low-light hours), and pockets to carry essential items.


With advances in technical fabrics, winter running jackets are very lightweight, while still providing warmth and protection from winter weather.  Some of our favorites are the Sugoi Firewall Jacket, Nike Element Shield Jacket, Saucony Razor Jacket (fully waterproof), and the Brooks Adapt jacket, which has a built in Balaclava.

Don't let the cold temperatures or wind and snow keep you from heading out the door.  Stop in and see us; we'd love to help you select the perfect jacket for your winter running needs!

Stay Warm!

 - Deb Doyle, General Manager, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh

3rd Annual Holiday Lights Run/Walk For Charity


We will host our third annual Holiday Lights Run/Walk for Charity on Thursday, December 18th, 2014 from the PPG Place Wintergarden.

Every December Fleet Feet Sports hosts a special Holiday Lights Run, inviting local runners and walkers of all abilities to enjoy Pittsburgh's best holiday lights, trees and crèches and support a local charity. This year, we expect 200 participants from Pittsburgh and the tri state area.


Detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions will be provided to runners and walkers at the Wintergarden starting at 6:00 PM, and participants are asked to make a donation that evening to this year's charity. The walk/run will begin promptly at 6:30 PM. As in past years, runner donations are matched by store owner Bob Shooer, and this year all proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital Free Care Fund.  Please join us in making this year's run/walk spectacular!






Fleet Feet Sports is excited to introduce our all-new FULL & HALF MARATHON TRAINING plans for 2015.

The new plans are 16-week programs broken into three phases to maximally develop endurance, speed and strength.

Each phase will build on the previous weeks' training and will gradually introduce focused "toolbox" workouts for achieving specific goals to allow runners to develop, peak and taper for your best performance.

Registration opens online on November 28th. Special incentives for the first registrants that sign up in store on Black Friday!  See website for Early Bird registration details! 


- Karen Harr

Training Director, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


 Limited Edition Nike Zoom Collection:

Only At Fleet Feet Sports!


The holiday season is right around the corner, and it's time to celebrate! From Holiday parties to New Year's Resolutions, or a recommitment to running all reasons to celebrate! Nike has put together a special, limited edition collection of the Zoom Pegasus, Zoom Elite, and Zoom Structure called the "Celebration Pack" that will be launching: at Fleet Feet Sports on Black Friday, November 28th!



These fun, bold, innovative, and unique shoes are perfect for a night out on the town or for that certain PR on the track. The theme behind these unique shoes is "what does this time of year look like for runners?" Nike has taken a performance running shoe and has transformed it into a dress shoe that can be worn for any occasion. You can only get these limited edition styles of the Pegasus, Elite, and Structure at Fleet Feet Sports- Pittsburgh!



- Jen Haffner

Footwear Buyer, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


Nutrition 101 from our Registered Dietician


5 Healthy Ways to Survive the Holiday Season

It's that time of year again, filled with holiday sweets and cocktails. Did you know that the average American gains about five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? Below are some tips to help you avoid gaining those extra pounds this holiday season.

  1. Moderate Alcohol Intake: Remember that glass of wine or beer contains calories. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram which means when you grab a cocktail you're not only consuming calories from the mix but from the alcohol as well. A long island ice tea contains about 543 calories, a 12 ounce beer contains about 150 and four ounces of wine contains about 100 calories. Alternate your drinks with water to cut back on calories and fill you up so you are less likely to overeat.


  2. Balance Your Meals: Filling your plate with sweets will leave you with a sugar rush and your body will miss out on key nutrients. Make sure to fill your plate with vegetables, whole grains and protein. This will provide your body with the nutrients it needs and keep you satisfied making it less likely to overindulge on the dessert.


  3. Eat Regularly: Many people choose to skip lunch so they can overeat at the dinner party, causing them to overeat at the party. Make sure to eat a light healthy snack before heading out to. Try a low fat yogurt, fresh fruit or a small bowl of whole- grain cereal with skim milk.

  4. Think Portion Sizes: Desserts can be part o f a healthful diet when enjoyed in moderation. One serving of pumpkin pie is 1/8 of a 9 inch pie. Imagine making an L shape with your thumb and index finger that is about the size of one slice. Share dessert with a friend and don't feel obliged to clear your plate. When you feel full, stop eating.  


  5. Keep Moving: The holidays are the worst time of year to abandon your exercise routine. Exercise not only helps avoid weight gain but it is a great way to release stress. Write down your exercise plan at the beginning of the week to help you stay on track.


- Kathryn Szklany, MA, RD, LDN, CNSC

Registered Dietitian and FIT Professional, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


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