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December 2014


Saturday, December 13th


Hate Crowds?! Who doesn't?Stop in and "Boost" your morning before hitting the holiday shopping madness with Adidas's Boost your Weekend Energy Center, Free coffee and Bagels on Saturday December 13th from 10am-3pm!

Annual Holiday Lights Run/Walk For Charity


We will host our third annual Holiday Lights Run/Walk for Charity on Thursday, December 18th, 2014 from the PPG Place Wintergarden.

Every December Fleet Feet Sports hosts a special Holiday Lights Run, inviting local runners and walkers of all abilities to enjoy Pittsburgh's best holiday lights, trees and crèches and support a local charity. This year, we expect more than 200 participants from Pittsburgh and the tri state area.


Detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions will be provided to runners and walkers at the Wintergarden starting at 6:00 PM, and participants are asked to make a donation that evening to this year's charity. The walk/run will begin promptly at 6:30 PM. As in past years, runner donations are matched by store owner Bob Shooer, and this year all proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital Free Care Fund.  Please join us in making this year's run/walk spectacular!


Last Shopping Saturday Quickly Approaching!


Stay tuned for more information in our Thursday December 18th newsletter and on our website here.

 *Exclusions Apply, Can not be combined with other discounts, Not valid on previous purchases.

Run Faster, Easier, Avoid Injury and Recover Quicker with Compression


Every muscle in the body needs energy in the form of oxygen. Oxygen is transported to the muscles via blood flow. The better the blood flow, the better the muscles function. 


CEP and Feetures!  Compression Socks and Sleeves provide lower leg support and provide the following benefits:

  • Flush lactic acid
  • Reduce muscle vibration
  • Minimize muscle fatigue
  • Injury prevention & recovery - shin splints, calf cramps, Achilles issues or pulled muscles


Making travel plans for the holidays? When traveling long distances by car or plane, compression socks help maintain good blood circulation to keep swelling in the ankles down and the legs feeling fresh.


Not sure which compression is right for you? Come in and talk to one of our FIT Professionals. We can help you find the right style and size to fit your needs. 



- Deb Doyle

General Manager, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh




Active recovery and coping with a running injury


Although ignoring an injury is not advisable, knee-jerk "resting" for an extended period of time may not be an ideal solution, either. Developments at the cellular level of muscles regress when running stops for an extended period of time.


Muscular development is the result of appropriate stress from exercise.  In the absence of (or not enough) stress, atrophy occurs. Some training stress allows a runner to maintain muscular integrity. Add more stress and he/she enters the optimal window of training where improvements happen. Push training stress beyond this point and breakdown occurs. This can be a strain or an injury.


Injuries like stress fractures and torn tissue require rest.  Most strains, however, will respond to a reduction in FIT - the Frequency, Intensity and Time spent training. As a general rule, when something hurts, immediately stop speed intervals and threshold runs (I). If needed, reduce the length of your workouts (T) and possibly the amount of days you run (F). This same protocol is absolutely essential for anyone returning to running after time off for an injury.



- Karen Harr

Training Director, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


 A New Year Calls For A New Shoe!


We all have goals we want to achieve and races we want to run in 2015. Before you get your training started for your upcoming half or full, get your feet in a new properly fitting shoe. When was the last time you had your shoes checked or your feet evaluated? Is the shoe you're currently using the right shoe for you? Let Fleet Feet Sports help boost your goals and training for 2015.


Do your shoes look this à

Don't let the lifetime of your shoe last longer than 6 months or 300-500miles. We carry 8 brands of shoes and which allows us to find the perfect shoe for you. Want to customize your shoe and make it special? Give Superfeet a try. Superfeet insoles accommodate all foot-shapes and provide support and comfort inside your shoe.


Whether you are a beginner or have been running for a while, don't let your shoes put a damper on 2015. Fleet Feet Sports will get you into the right shoe for YOU and get you on your way to FIT 2015.


- Jen Haffner

Footwear Buyer, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


Nutrition 101 from our Registered Dietician


Foods to Help Fight Common Cold and Flu Season  

Well some of us were hoping it would pass us this year, but winter has arrived. As it starts to become colder and the snow continues to fall, some of us may find ourselves with stuffy noses, harsh coughs, and sore throats. It's that time of year....Cold & Flu Season has arrived. Try to incorporate more of these beverages/foods and hopefully you can fight away the common cold.


  1. Green tea - A superpower antioxidant not only has been shown to help fight off the common cold but also prevent certain kinds of cancer. Green tea will enhance your immune system and the steam from the tea helps with opening the nasal passages allowing you to breathe easier. Add some honey to your tea to help soothe a sore throat.


  2. Ginger-Add ginger to your tea, or sprinkle some on meats and vegetables. This spice is considered a vasodilator and helps to open your airway which in turn allows you to breathe easier. 


  3. Citrus Fruits/veggies (oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, grapefruit): Not only packed with vitamin C, but full of antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties. Help to enhance your immune system and prevent and fight the common cold.


  4. Garlic- Add some fresh garlic to your favorite dish! The garlic bulb is a decongestant and is considered to be an antioxidant 


  5. Fluids- Drink plenty of water, green tea, and 100% fruit juice to keep your body hydrated. Though you can't flush a cold out of your system, staying hydrated will help loosen congestion and fight dehydration.


  6. Chicken soup- Everyone knows that chicken noodle soup is comforting when fighting a cold. The warm broth helps to loosen up mucus while the chicken and vegetables add anti-inflammatory properties to your meal.

Remember to always see a doctor if your cold does not go away or gets worse.







- Kathryn Szklany, MA, RD, LDN, CNSC

Registered Dietitian and FIT Professional, Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh


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